Trio Del Viento
Trio Del VientoTrio Del Viento
Lynn Jones
Robert McNamara
Stu Reynolds
Clarinets and Saxes  
Del Viento
Paintings by Patricia Qualls
Trio Del Viento 

The Sound of the Winds

Trio Del Viento brings a fresh sound and an international repertoire to your event.  Combined with nylon string guitar, the woodwinds--flute, clarinet, bass clarinet and saxophone--make an evocative soundscape with a rich pallate of timbres.  These veteran musicians cross borders with impunity, featuring classical music, jazz, tango, bossa nova, Celtic and more.  With a single trio, you can have quiet Mozart in the background, a touch of classy swing jazz and a firey Tango feature.

Upcoming Gigs

Saturday 10/26/13
5:00-7:00 PM
Bay of Pines
Monterey's newest restaurant and
night spot

" Trio Del Viento was in perfect sync with the evening, setting the mood that kept the party going.  From the early planning conversations, this is a group that hones in on exactly what you need and delivers flawlessly.  The sound was perfect, allowing for conversation, mingling, and nothing but pure enjoyment of the event."

 - Event Planner Kristy Leatherberry, Feb. 2011

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